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Which area has the highest percentage of construction works?

According to the preliminary data of the Statistics Agency, in January-March 2023, construction works worth 27.6 trillion soums were completed in Uzbekistan. This is an increase of 4.5% compared to the corresponding period of 2022.

The share of regions in the total volume of construction works:

#RELATIONSHIP On the “Kommunalkin” telegram channel, a post was published about the construction of “Yuksalish” MFY “Yakut” street, Samarkand city. In connection with this situation, the regional Department of Construction and Housing and Communal Economy and the control inspection in the field of construction and communal economy of the region were investigated with the participation of the authors of the appeal.

According to the approved master plan for carrying out construction works in this area, the perimeter of the construction object implemented by “Gold House” LLC was not demolished in accordance with the current legislation. Due to the fact that the distance between buildings adjacent to the object does not meet the norms and rules of urban planning, the regional construction control inspection issued an official written stop letter. The construction department of Samarkand city also issued a written instruction to stop the construction works.

The most common question raised at the meeting with the representatives of the construction and contracting organizations is related to the differences between the rating points of the two construction organizations.

To explain more clearly, according to some items of the evaluation criteria in the ranking, the construction organization may be weaker than its competitors with a score of 100%. Let’s say that the points of the construction organization are automatically reduced due to deficiencies in tax, labor, finance and a number of other areas. This issue is not only related to the initial assessment of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Economy, but also related to the demand of several organizations.